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Mount Carmel Consumer Health Information: Health Information

Consumer Health Information

Health Topics

Brochures and Pamphlets

Below is a sample selection of available free brochures:

Low Back Pain: A Self-care Guide           Living Life t the Fullest with COPD           Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: A Look at Medical Treatment and Laparoscopic Surgery           An Inside Look at Managing Diabetes           The Thyroid Book: Medical and Surgical Treatment of Thryoid problems


Health Sciences Librarian and staff are available to help you find information in foreign languages as well.

Selected Books

Below is a sample of books available at the library.

Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms           Coping With Chronic Illness           What Helped Me Get Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope           100 Questions & Answers About Stroke           You: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger
Alzheimer's Action Plan: The Experts' Guide to the Best Diagnosis and Treatment for Memory Problems   Real Life Guide to Diabetes: Practical Answers to Your Diabetes Problems   New Heart Disease Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Reverse and Manage Heart Disease   Cleveland Clinic Guide to Heart Failure   Mayo Clinic The Essential Diabetes Book
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom : Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing   You: Having a Baby : The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy   Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5   Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven -stage Journey Out of Depression  

Everyday Sports Injuries


Selected Health Magazines

Below is a sample of newsletters available at the library.


OnHealth: Consumer Reports           Health After 50: Johns Hopkins Medicine Wellness Letter           Mayo Clinic Health Letter           Health and Nutrition Letter: Tufts

Medical Information Disclaimer

Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library (MCCHL)  information that is provided in-person or accessible through MCCHL website is not an attempt to provide medical advice or professional healthcare services. Information is provided to adults for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice. We recommend customers consult their professional health care providers if they have or are concerned about any health problem or have need for any information regarding diagnosis or treatment.

Please visit our Policies and Procedures for more information.