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Searching for Scholarly Articles: Home

  What is a scholarly article??  Can I just use Google?  What database do I use??  How do I know if I have a "good" article? 

Step 1: Scholarly Resources

Step 2: Define Topic

Step 3: Create Question

Step 4: Search 

Step 5: Evaluate

Step 6: Save Citations

Step 7: Find Full-Text

What is Information Literacy and Why is it Important to Me?

Information is literally everywhere. We have the ability to create and share information in a split-second and send it out to the world. That information can be shaped and packaged in different ways based on how the information was created. What can the package, or format, tell us about how the information was created in the first place?

Watch this video to learn how information is created and learn what types are needed for your assignments and nursing practice.

Information for Nurses

The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) released a set of standards detailing the types of information skills (called information literacy) that nursing students, nursing faculty, and practicing nurses are expected to have and use in practice. Read below: